Russ – Paddington Freestyle Lyrics

Russ – Paddington Freestyle Lyrics

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Russ – Paddington Freestyle


Russ – Paddington Freestyle Lyrics

“Paddington Freestyle”


I feel like I’m outrapping everyone dawg


Yeah, I do it, fuck y’all



Everything sounding stairless, time to freshen up (For real)

Y’all got skill, but I can y’all not obsessed enough

I don’t flex enough, add to cart, spent 300K on art

My catalogue’s a money tree, ’til I sell the beats, this shit’s the start

I got too pure of a heart, that’s why I’m good on y’all

I’m playin’ ’til my hair is fallin’ out

Like watching Drew Gooden ball (Ha!)

Zero to ninety in a flash, tore my calf

From runnin’ so many businesses, fuck it theyll get the cash

I’m past the point where y’alls opinions hold weight

Although I still be tryin’ to fight back like I’m José

My jewellers do those yellow diamonds to my neck

That’s a cold plate

Inside of my universe, me and God like to role-play

My whole career’s been a road game

The boos fucked me up but now my tolerance is so great (Yeah)

.08, became my flow state, it’s blissful

They not who they think they are, I bets these dudes is wishful

Hits I gotta list for, and I’m still addin’

Cops switchin’ up their words, ‘peaking Pig Latin

I been rappin’, y’all are late, they screamin’ “We want Russ”

Keep my exes out my space, like I’m Elon Musk

My trajectories are rocky

Follow my heart in a game that only follow talkers

They told me I should stop, I told ’em stop it

They were starin’ at the line, I went along and crossed it

So whatever meanin’ that line might’ve had, it just lost it

I don’t do the deal if it don’t feel right

I just turned down more money that you’ve made, this is real life

Y’all let them down the wrong path, I’m givin’ people real light

My body might be muzzy, but my spirit is Shaquille height

Do it like I’m Phil Knight, I’m business oriented

I’m thirty-million past the part that said my story ended

Bitches hangin’ onto nothin’, at this point they need a doctor (They do)

Bugus writin’ movies on the jet, we winnin’ Oscars

Sold out concerts, past six weeks I made six-million dollars (Sheesh)

I’m a stand-up guy, you need to work on your posture (Facts)

People tryin’ to breach the peace

The loudest boos come from the cheapest seats

I reached my peak? No I didn’t, you just hatin’

My dreams are unfoldin’ as we speak, I’m just waitin’

Elevatin’, I’m jet-lagged, wheatgrass for the rainfall

Swear the whole rap game makes the same song

People sellin’ out for money and a few clicks

Am I the only one who still cares about the music? (For real)

In this dirty ass game bein’ the purest (Uh-huh)

It really feels like bein’ a tourist

Although I think it finally looks like a circus, it’s headed out of town

‘Cause your fans grew up, no more parties where the clown co-workers tryin’ to fuck

I probably shouldn’t answer, ’cause you don’t wanna shit where you sleep, like Amber Heard

Fuck paramaters, I been scratchin the surface

Need a manicure, my manager’s in Morocco drinking tea with organic herbs

Put out Handsomer, went Top 40

For the first time, now I’m hearin’ bizarre stories

That the labels probably started in pathetic attempt

To discourage independent artists, for real

I know that my success is really stessin’ y’all

‘Cause more of me means less of y’all, I get it y’all

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