“Many marriages will end if Yahoo Yahoo is stopped” – Rapper, Erigga

Erigga, a Nigerian rapper, has spoken out about the dire implications of eliminating internet fraud, often known as Yahoo Yahoo in Nigeria.

On Thursday, March 24, Erigga wrote on his verified Twitter account that if Yahoo was shut down completely, many marriages would terminate.

Exactly 77.2 percent of all marriages in the country, he claims, would be affected.

He tweeted, “If they suspend yahoo tonight, 77.2 percent of marriages will end…”

In other news, Erhiga Agarivbie, better known by her stage as Erigga, a popular Nigerian musician and songwriter, has resorted to social media to advise guys looking for suitable girls to date.

On Thursday, January 13th, on the microblogging platform Twitter, Erigga stated that men should not expect to find a lady who is a saint or faultless.

He believes that no woman is perfect, and that men should learn to accept their wives for who they are.

He tweeted, “No girl is a saint, locate ur witch and pour anointing oil on her head.”


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