Lyrics: CEO Trayle – Rendezvous

CEO Trayle – Rendezvous lyrics

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CEO Trayle  Rendezvous lyrics

Glock party, its a rendezvous

N*gga who you playing i stalk my h*e like kanye too”


It’s a glock party n*gga, its a rendezvous, who you kidding, n*gga i stalk my h*e like kanye too

Damn, hating on me, act like how they do

It’s a ape out the cage & can’t find they zoo

I ain’t that sh*t turn the page, i ain’t write that too

They don’t like what i say, they don’t like me too”


“she was too piped on day one, she piped day two

Big backdoor ain’t in your town, my n*gga say who?

Running with the convicts, the criminals too

My b*tch loyal like lebrun b*tch, her hips, they move

I didn’t come through the front door, the backdoor was open

Is that petro you smoking?

His nеcklace on a ocean

Sat, b*tch show me dеvotion

She just popped e, she rolling

My la b*tch west coastin’ stupid new york b*tch be ghosting

She say c4 you be smelling good, b*tch that ain’t just lotion

You know i was drinking wockhardt, b*tch we call it potion

Perc 15 after perc 15, i might overdose it

Watch, put the fentanyl in tings, kill you with a dosage

N*gga what you smoking?

Is you smoking skunk?

That weed i saw you posted, n*gga you was posting bunk

He was talking crazy, i left him in my trunk

& then i calmed back down & then picked up my son

They say the jakes want big ol’ backdoor he on the run

They say my shooter ain’t gone shoot for me he on a bond

Aye, do not look at c4 stupidly, he own a gun

& you’ll think rocko was his daddy, he a f*cking don

1 thousand 80 shot you ever f*ck with dun

I whipped out all my mama pots, i whipped in front my mom

I want my pockets big as pun

Future brighter than the sun

They say don’t catch no bodies backdoor, just keep rapping & you won

Mama wished the preacher man could save me

This straight drop glass , pay me

& you know rapping saved me

I was running from task daily

I was going way faster than 80

Ever seen a trackhawk spin

Police don’t even try to chase me

Pick up my lil b*tch she ate me

Know these f*ck n*ggas hate me

They gone always hate me

Big backdoor mcgrady, call me tracy

Fore’ i shoot the ball i shake ’em

Came from plastic plating

Now we got glass, n*gga your casket waiting

I done mastered patience, but you know backdoor still like satan

It ain’t no party, less we get these k’s in

Say birmingham like grayson

I get to swerving down these b*tches chasing

Told my b*thc i can pick replacements

Told these n*ggas i can pick replacements

I been dolo, too much g*y sh*t

Back in my kitchen i sit and weigh sh*t

Scraping these pots acting like i make sh*t

Going back to the basics, but

It’s more money involved b*tch

I’m from where murders don’t get solved b*tch

All it take is one call blitz

Blind to the sh*t ray charles b*tch

I was in the war my scars itch

These f*ck n*ggas on soft sh*t

Backdoor backdoor

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