Judges’ discretion, solution to delayed judgment – Ex-justice

Musa Kurya, a retired Justice of the Federal High Court in Gombe, has said that frivolous applications are one of the causes for the delay in delivering decision, and that judges should exercise caution.


Kurya spoke with journalists shortly after his valedictory session at the Federal High Court. He had previously served in the Lagos and Jos divisions.


He claims that he would not hold lawyers directly responsible for the applications, but that the court’s guidelines may be to blame for the delays.

“When you start entertaining such motions, you find that it takes three or four years to issue the judgment,” Kurya added.


“I’m not sure if it’s the lawyers or the court regulations that are to blame.” When they utilize the court’s rules to defeat the judge, there’s nothing you can do.”


Kurya suggested that judges be permitted to exercise their discretion to expedite the process while proposing solutions to the delays in delivering judgment in criminal cases.

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