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Jojobaby Biography Net Worth: Currently one of the most sorts after talent in the music industry, Jojobaby has continued to melt hearts with his music.


His rise in the music industry has got some fans asking questions about his biography, lifestyle, music career and most especially, net worth in 2022.


This article will shed light on Jojobaby biography, net worth in 2022 as he continues to prove that with hard work and consistency, anything can be achieved.


Introduction To JojoBaby Biography

As of 2022, the Nigerian singer “JojoBaby” has over 19,498 monthly listeners on his Spotify Streaming Handles, indicating that he is a fast emerging Nigerian music sensation.


Christian Joshua Daberechi is his real name, and JojoBaby is his stage name. The Singer hails from Nigeria’s South-East region and is a multi-talented musician. He’s signed to the Dream Music Group and enjoys performing R&B, Afrobeats, Afro Soul, and Fusion music.

JojoBaby Biography

JojoBaby, Christian Joshua Daberechi, was born in the 1990s in Imo State, Nigeria, but after a few years relocated to Lagos State, Nigeria, with the goal of making a name for himself in a music business brimming with brilliant vocalists.


Jojobaby Education

Jojobaby has not disclosed any information regarding his education, however it is believed that he received his primary and secondary education in Nigeria.

Information regarding his education will be updated as soon as he makes it public.

JojoBaby Record Label

Dream Music Group signed the singer to a new recording contract, and his single, “Depth,” gave him the boost he needed.

The move to Dream Music Group, according to Jojobaby, was a step in the right direction and a move that put an end to his struggle days as a musician.

Jojobaby biography

Jojobaby Net Worth 2022

Jojobaby’s net worth may be more than $1000 in 2021, but it is likely to rise in the coming months as a result of his successful singles and EP garnering widespread airplay across streaming platforms.

Jojobaby Songs – Albums – Ep – Music


It requires devotion, persistence, and hard effort to stay connected in the music industry.

All of this and more influenced Jojobaby to release his first EP, dubbed “Obsession.”

There are no guest performers on the Extended Play, which consists of seven stable and well-curated compositions.

Napji, OTD, One Mix, Kris Beat, and WhyteMagik are among the multi-talented Nigerian document producers who contributed to Obsession’ Extended Play’s production, mixing, and mastering.r

JojoBaby Songs

The Singer has alot of hits particularly “Downtown” the music has been buzzing and exploding because the day Jojo launched the music, you’ll be able to as properly verify them out under and Download.

1. Obsession (Produced, blended and mastered by Napji)

2. Lonely (Produced by Loopy Beatz, blended and mastered by OTD)

3. Downtown (Produced, blended and mastered by Napj

4. Jealous (Produced by Popito, blended and mastered by One Mix)

5. Prisoner (Produced by Elviz Beat, blended and mastered by Kris Beat)

6. This Way (Produced by Loopy Beatz, blended and mastered by OTD)

7. Depth (Produced, blended and mastered by WhyteMagik)

JojoBaby Music Career


Jojobaby, like practically every other high-profile musician, began his career in music at a young age.

In an interview with Jojobaby, he confessed that he first started singing in the church choir.

According to Jojobaby, soccer legend Christian Ronaldo, whom he called as his function mannequin, and American music great Chris Brown, who he regarded as his mentor in music, impressed him.

Jojobaby mentioned regarding his music profession:

“I started my musical journey in the choir and I remember loving Ronaldo because of his dedication, determination and hunger for success. I am truly inspired by his passion to keep getting better while I learnt a lot from listening to Brown and I sang just like him when I was in the choir”.

Jojobaby was a contestant on the popular music reality show Nigerian Idols, but he did not win the competition.

This didn’t stop him from establishing a name for himself in a field brimming with talented individuals.

Jojobaby Social Media

Jojobaby has taken advantage of social media platforms, which have become a useful tool for all musicians in the music industry.

As of the time of writing this post, his official Instagram account has 10.3k followers.

Fans can contact him through his Instagram account, @realjojobaby.

Jojobaby phone number

His phone number is not available to the public.

Jojobaby Relationship


Details about Jojobaby relationship is still unknown but it is obvious he’s focused on his music career. He is not involved in any romantic relationship.


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