How to receive your divine healing

How to get and keep your healing

You’ll never have to worry about illness or disease again. You can learn how to get and keep your healing, no matter what your condition is!

Sickness and disease are no longer a part of your life. Healing is yours, no matter how long you’ve been battling or how terrible your condition is. These words are for you, even if you feel like you’ve been standing for a long time and aren’t sure whether you’ll ever see a manifestation.

We should not only expect healing, but also believe that we are in divine health. “Divine healing is the eradication of the disease that has come upon the body by the power of God,” declared John G. Lake. Divine health, on the other hand, is being in touch with God day by day, hour by hour, so that the life of God pours into the body just as it does into the intellect or soul.”

Right, healing is your Covenant. It’s yours if you want it. When it comes to the Bible, there is no room for disagreement. The issue is that most Christians do not believe it. They haven’t allowed it to penetrate their hearts and become fact. God has spoken, but they have yet to believe. If it describes you now, know that it is God’s will for you to be healed. It’s all part of His redeeming plan. It had to be His will since, like our sin, He placed our affliction and disease on Jesus (Isaiah 53:5). God made His Word clear, and He never breaks it.

Has a singular event led you to conclude that healing isn’t God’s desire for everyone? Allow the truth of God’s Word to be your standard, rather than your previous experiences. Healing is God’s will for you.

By following the tactics given in God’s Word, you can reclaim what is rightfully yours and live in divine health. Here’s how to accept and maintain your recovery.

How to receive instant healing

1. Stand on the word of God by Kenneth Copeland ministry

rO my soul, and do not forget all of His blessings: Who forgives all your sins and heals all your maladies.” Psalm 103:2–3 (NKJV)

When a Christian has difficulty receiving or maintaining healing, it is mainly due to a lack of knowledge of God’s Word and his rights and privileges in Jesus Christ. When it comes to healing, many people who claim to have faith don’t trust God. They are aware of the promises, and they think that recovery is possible today—but not necessarily for them. Perhaps God will not. That’s a risky thought.

Here’s something you should know: healing always happens.


The vehicle that will take you there is God’s Word. If you’re in good health, God’s Word will keep you that way. It will heal you if you are unwell and then keep you healthy. The Bible is medicine. However, you must pay attention to it (Proverbs 4:20-23). That you listen to what it says, believe what it says, and act on it.

If you’re stressed and overwhelmed, it’s a solid indicator you’re not paying enough attention to God’s Word. Your life functions because of the Word. It brings about healing.

To stand on God’s Word is to reflect on it and make it your final authority. You keep it in your heart until the truth of your healing has more strength and validity for you than the symptoms of your illness. One thing to remember is that God’s Word never fails! So, if you find yourself responding, “Well, the Word isn’t working for me,” you’re not standing.

Keep God’s Word in your heart with diligence. Continue to read, listen to, think about, and discuss it. It will be beneficial to your health (Proverbs 4:22). And once you’ve been restored, you maintain your healing by following the healing scriptures.

Continue to take your medication. Continue to read God’s Word. Continue to take the medicine once you’ve been healed, and you’ll be fine. The Bible is both life and health.

2. Dont let symptoms talk to you

He did not consider his own body because he was not weak in faith.” –Rom. 4:19 (KJV)

You must make the truth of healing more real than the symptoms in your body in order to accept healing. However, the battle to stay mending continues. When you gain healing, the devil has no intention of letting you keep it. He’ll try to dupe you into handing over the money.

So, how can one lose their ability to heal? Satan will use deceptive symptoms to persuade the cured person to accept it. “The minute the first symptoms appear,” writes Kenneth E. Hagin, “they say, ‘I believed the Lord healed me.'” He didn’t, I guess.’

And when they say that, they let the devil in. They succumb rather than confronting the adversary with the Word of God and ordering his authority to be shattered.” [1]

This happened to a man who had his hearing restored after his ears had been treated. For several days, he had perfect hearing. But after approximately a week, he lost his ability to hear. What transpired was revealed to him by the Lord.

“Did you realize you can’t hear as well as you could the other day?” the devil would say as he went about his daily activities. That monster had persuaded him to lose his hearing in a matter of days. He accepted it.

“Hold firmly to everything you have until I arrive,” Jesus stated (Revelation 2:25).

How do you keep your healing strong?


You can’t crawl up in bed and moan, “Why does this constantly happen to me?” when the enemy attacks you with disease symptoms. “Glory be to God, this body is off limits to you, Satan,” pound your foot instead. I’m not going to let you put that filthy thing on my body when Jesus has already taken it. So you might as well pack your belongings and leave right now!”

It won’t always be easy; you must put out effort. You must be firm in your convictions and fight the good fight of faith. But don’t be put off by this. You can win this battle. You can win because 2,000 years ago, Jesus gave you everything you need to succeed. He took your weakness and transformed it into His power. He washed away your sin and replaced it with His righteousness. He took your illness and replaced it with His health. He took every defeat and replaced it with His victory.

You are the heir of the World’s Greatest Exchange.



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